ATEC Expo Seminar Agenda 2017

Day 1 Saturday 9th September, 2017


Paul Newsome

Old Stroke, New Stroke – How to Make Simple Stroke Efficiency Improvements for Your Swimming

This seminar will focus on the concept of purposefully doing something incorrect with your swim stroke to then contrast more fully what it feels like to do it right!

Paul will provide examples and video demos to get you thinking about simple changes that can be made to dramatically improve efficiency and enquiry monitor development over time.

Who Should Attend:

Any athlete or persons with an interest in understanding ways to improve swim stroke for better performance

Paul Newsome, Founder and Head Coach, Swim Smooth


Craig Alexander

Insight with Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander – A Q&A Session

Join this interactive discussion with 3 x Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander, as he shares hi insights, experiences and tips.  Don’t miss the opportunity to have your questions answered by one of Australia’s greatest athletes!



Supplementation, who needs it and why? A special focus on magnesium

As an athlete it can be difficult to determine what supplements you need, and how they will benefit you. Many diets are lacking in certain micronutrients (e.g. magnesium), while at the same time, athletes have a significantly greater demand for these. At times supplementation is required to fill this gap, but how do you identify what you need, and what benefit can you expect?

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the role micro- and macro-nutrients play in energy production and performance, cardiovascular health, supporting recovery and controlling inflammation
  • Recognise the signs that you may be depleted in specific nutrients (e.g. magnesium)
  • Learn how to adapt your diet to improve your nutritional status, and hence performance and recovery
  • Recognise where supplements can fit in, the best forms to take, and what results you may expect

Who should attend?

Individuals of all fitness levels can benefit from understanding more about nutrition, and the significant impact nutritional status can have not only on performance and recovery, but also on overall wellbeing and mood.

Session Sponsored by:


Belinda Reynolds, Dietitian and Education Manager, BioCeuticals/IsoWhey Sports


Basic Principles for Triathlon Training

Do you have the desire and motivation to train for a triathlon, have you been training and competing for a while and want to up your performance?  Are you curious about how to manage training for 3 disciplines in 1 sport with a fulltime job and family? Or are you just interested in how to get started?

Key Takeaways:

In this session we look at the fundamental training principles of Stress, Recovery, Consistency, Progression, Specificity and Periodisation and how they can be applied successfully to each discipline for triathlon regardless of the event distance you are training for.

Who should attend:

Anyone looking to get started or looking to know more about basic training principles for triathlon.

Stephen Durant, Professional Triathlon Coach, One Body Health & Fitness

2:00pm -2:40pm


The Real Food Athlete – eating for performance, recovery, fat adaptation and recovery

The Real Food Athlete will dispel the myths of sports nutrition companies and their multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns, dogmatic carbohydrate guidelines and the recommendations that all athletes must fuel off 60-90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Find out why you don’t need Gatorade, commercial gels or the pasta party. You’ll learn the benefits of real food, becoming a fat adapted athlete and how to fuel naturally in training and racing for optimal performance, recovery and athletic longevity.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to eat for health, wellness and performance
  • Breaking down the dogma of the sports nutrition world
  • How to cease a carbohydrate dependency and reverse a sugar burning metabolic profile
  • How to fuel for an endurance event – pre, during and post nutrition
  • Why carbohydrate loading is not the answer to your health and wellness goals

Who should attend:

All athletes interested in health and wellness with a special focus for long course athletes interested in optimising their metabolism for performance and athletic longevity

Steph Lowe, Director, The Natural Nutritionist


Pat Farmer

Ultra Running – Pursue Your Dreams the World is Waiting, Feel The World Through Your Footsteps

Pat Farmer will speak about how he got into Ultra running, what he has done with the inspiration it provided to him and how it took him from one end of the earth to the other and most places in between.

Key Takeaways:

  • “If you think that something is impossible then you’re probably over thinking it”
  • How important it is to have a purpose behind what you do
  • The power of positive thinking when its followed by actions

Who should attend:

This session will will inspire all those beginners and those who are scared of beginning. This session will appeal to all those who have dreamed of doing something difficult and need an abc, 123 of where to start and how to do it.

Pat Farmer AM, Ultra Runner and Ultra Athlete

Day 2 Sunday 10th September, 2017


Annie Crawford

Why a Triathlon is So Much Fun! 10 Top Tips for the Beginner Triathlete

The seminar will give information on the dos and don’ts of beginning the Triathlon journey from a physical, mental and logistical perspective.

Key takeaways

  • Increased understanding of what training for your first Triathlon is all about
  • Inside tips that a Can Too Triathlete is given in a 14 week program
  • Learning how to handle a bike and road etiquette
  • What type of gear do beginners need
  • What is transition and what and why is a brick session
  • Understand that Triathlon is as much about the mind as the body and the need to be prepared

Who should attend?

Open to all fitness levels with an interest in getting on the Triathlon Bandwagon

Annie Crawford, Founder and Chair, Can Too Foundation


Pete Jacobs

Efficiency for Peak Performance

There are many areas of practice/training which are overlooked by those who solely focus on the effort, not the way in which the effort is conducted. Technique, mental strength, clarity and calmness,, visualisation, physical awareness of ones own body, and keeping the ego in check, all make training more valuable and specific to your own goals and situations.

Key takeways:

  • Key run technique points
  • key swim technique points
  • How to visualise and build mental strength from that practice
  • Become aware of your ego. What ego means and how to settle it
  • How these practices come to the forefront when the pressure is on

Who should attend:

Open to all levels, with examples that relate to winning a world title, or learning to swim.

Pete Jacobs, Ironman Triathlon World Champion (2012) and Professional Triathlete


Henk Vogels

Q&A with Henk Vogels –Exploring the life of a pro cyclist

In this session Henk will discuss his experience as a pro cyclist as well as what drives and motivates him.  This is your opportunity to ask Henk questions about his training regime, motivation and achievements.

Henk Vogels, Professional Cyclist



Understanding The Performance Benefits of Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning

This session will delve into how and why to pay attention to this often misunderstood area of training.  The session will explore specific strength and conditioning theory and practice including:

  • Improving the sport specific strength and stability
  • Why attention should be paid to a strength and conditioning plan for all levels and backgrounds of athletes
  • How to implement it into an already busy schedule
  • Practical implications and demonstration of exercises

Key Takeaways:

  • HOW incorporating strength & conditioning will increase performance
  • Key exercises and techniques to include
  • Q&A session on coaching specific topics

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to improve efficiency, performance or reduce their risk of injury!

Alex Price, Director and Founder, AP10


Luca Turrini Photo

Mental Strength and Training for Endurance: Case Study Luca Turrini

Sharing his story, training and race tactics that allowed him to set the World Record for 24 hours on treadmill, Luca raises the argument of mind over muscle in endurance sport. He controversially argues that success in endurance sport (classified as 5 min and over) is almost completely down to mental strength and that physical fitness and nutrition serve only as information outlets and food for to the mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perceived effort vs physical limit – a case for mind over muscle
  • Perspective & Mindfulness – becoming a mindful athlete
  • How bad do you want it? – Raising the stakes to endure
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition – Opportunities in daily life, sensory aids during training and race.
  • Get shit done! – Overcoming fear to step up and suck it up. If we can see it we can do it

Who should attend?

Open to all fitness levels and interests, it’s particularly suited to those who love extra ordinary adventures and are looking for an additional edge to achieve their goals – whatever they may be.

Luca Turrini, Ultra Marathon Runner